FO-NR 14 & 15

I Proudly Present 

The Cowls

Pattern : Birthday Cowl by Nova Seals 
Yarn : Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted : Purple mystery 30


My daughter was mad at me , for truying her cowl on ( on her ) . I wanted to know if it fitted her. she threw a tantrum , and the cowl was to wide anyway .. so today Lena came over she’s 9 and she’s got golden hair , the purple cowl is absolutely beautifull on her .. so I gave it to her ..; guess what .. we had another tantrum … my daughter didn’t want to give it away !!!
and now I am knitting another one … andso I made one with one less repeat of the 11 stitches pattern .
For grownups it CO 99 , for the first Cowl I used 88 and the second one was based on 77 stitches .

I am happy with the result and the daughter wears it .. sometimes :-)


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