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Made for you

This is the original picture from Yeayeayeah on her flickr account

The idea was to create a label that Ann could use ( like the lable on the Booga Bag), but I think we ended up with a card to add to handmade stuff :-)

I had lots off fun making it , and I am proud to tell you Ann liked it !

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secrets and stash

I had to keep some secrets lately ... The Booga was one , and this is the other ..

Mr Pitt socks

This is nr one ... I only finnished one by the time it was DH 's birthday ...
It was a complete surprise knitted secretly , kept underneeth my seat in the car :-)
NOw I am openly knitting up nr 2 .

I am also doing a small Ravel olympic knit ... I am finishing the bombshell ( wip wrestling ) ! I have ripped back the bottom seedstitch part and I am adding lenght to it . I have already finnished both sleeves and the neckline.

I have answerred the Malabrigo call ... It had been calling me for a while now and , well I lost control and just bought some super lovely soft  worsted weight merino
I had a hard time choosing the color but Cathy from twist yarns is an excellent adviser .


Purple mysterie

I panicked when I thought that this rainbow sock yarn was not available annymore and bought it ...
Regia nation color

I also bought some extra long small sized knitpicks circulars for magic looping socks .

I think I have to go and fix the hole in my hand now :-)

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FO-nr 11 2008

I Proudly Present

Danielle's Booga Bag

Pattern : Booga Bag
Yarn : Kauni EQ ( 160 gr )

Booga Bag




Met dank aan Mme Zsa zsa , en haar heel goede beschrijving van hoe maak ik mijn eigen labels !

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Anatomy off a Booga Bag


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