FO-nr 10 2008

I Proudly Present

Phinehas 's baby bootees

Pattern : Perfect Baby Bootees
Yarn :  Rowan RYC Cashcotton DK





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Another weekend another International knitting Gathering

This saturday two Ravelers (Sade & Maiamara) organised a knit in the park in Gent.
Our Belgian weather made this an indoor event , we gathered in the Biobakkers in the "zuidstationstraat" in Gent. It was an unexpected succes ! We started out wit 11 and later on two more knitters arrived ! (pictures)

We all did our thing and had a look at some off the FO's and a lot of WIP's and some lovely pattern books !
I had a lovely time , and hope this event will pop back up in august :-)



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international knitting gathering

On sunday I had an international knitting gathering at Kelly's (Irish pub) in the middle off Antwerp.


Nothing fancy ( as the tittle of this post suggests :-) ) just four knitters comming together enjoying the terras and each others company while knitting. Two from Holland and one from Denmark and me .. Thats why I start in english now ... I will probably have one foreign reader  ( Hi Betinna ) :-) who doesn't read dutch , although she could make out what we were saying in Dutch !

I had a lovely time and got some nice pressies ! Ballee brought selfmade stitch markers (also available in her shop ) for each one off us ( even the absent YeaYeaYeah : she could not be with us because off the illness of her dog and sleep deprivation) I havent posted this because I want to suprise yeayea.. with her gift from Ballee !


Betinna gave me this :

175 gr of Kauni EZdecoration

And I completely love it , its too much and I don't know how to thank you ...

We talked about everything and nothing ... Sanne showed me how to finnish the baby bootees with an invisible seam . We checked out the goodies Ballee and Sanne had found in Antwerp . Sanne knew a bit off Danish and we had a good laugh about the Danish name for some sort of crumble with red fruits .. Even Betinna giggled while telling us the name ... :-)

It all ended too soon , when D and the daughter got back from the zoo to take me home .

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Look what I got in the mail today !


Ik ben weer eens op ebay gaan rondkijken en deze kon ik echt niet laten liggen !

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Look what I got in the mail today


Dankzij SaZz van Ravelry heb ik nu genoeg Meilenweit om een tweede bootee mee te maken !

en deze was er ook nog bij


en verder ben ik nog maar eens een paartje baby bootees begonnen maar deze keer zijn het the perfect baby bootees , en ik ben er best wel tevreden mee  ( Nee ook deze passen niet voor mij LOL )


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Jihaa het is zo ver !!! Ik heb men Stich & Bitch gevonden !!!
Onze eerste club night is heel goed verlopen en we doen dat gewoon volgende week over .. ! De originele terras planning is wat in het honderd gelopen maar het airco alternatief was zekers niet slecht maar wel een beetje onconventioneel ... de Quick !

Het mooie terras van het cultereel centrum had onze voorkeur als optie twee maar was spijtig genoeg niet open ... en is het dus optie drie geworden . (als we het soccer cafee niet meerekenen als eventuele optie :-) )

Men Pixie hat is af geraakt alleen nog ineen zetten , en ik zit al int paars van de Booga bag ! Goed gebreeen !




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