international knitting gathering

On sunday I had an international knitting gathering at Kelly's (Irish pub) in the middle off Antwerp.


Nothing fancy ( as the tittle of this post suggests :-) ) just four knitters comming together enjoying the terras and each others company while knitting. Two from Holland and one from Denmark and me .. Thats why I start in english now ... I will probably have one foreign reader  ( Hi Betinna ) :-) who doesn't read dutch , although she could make out what we were saying in Dutch !

I had a lovely time and got some nice pressies ! Ballee brought selfmade stitch markers (also available in her shop ) for each one off us ( even the absent YeaYeaYeah : she could not be with us because off the illness of her dog and sleep deprivation) I havent posted this because I want to suprise yeayea.. with her gift from Ballee !


Betinna gave me this :

175 gr of Kauni EZdecoration

And I completely love it , its too much and I don't know how to thank you ...

We talked about everything and nothing ... Sanne showed me how to finnish the baby bootees with an invisible seam . We checked out the goodies Ballee and Sanne had found in Antwerp . Sanne knew a bit off Danish and we had a good laugh about the Danish name for some sort of crumble with red fruits .. Even Betinna giggled while telling us the name ... :-)

It all ended too soon , when D and the daughter got back from the zoo to take me home .

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Thanks! Hi, Great pictures, and yes, we enjoyed it too! Next year in Kopenhagen ?!

Gepost door: Ballee | 16-07-08

Moms, always knitting on borrowed time ;)
It all sounds great!

Gepost door: RedSamur | 16-07-08

I'm soooooo sorry I could not be there!

Gepost door: Ann/Yeayeayeah | 16-07-08

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